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String of Pearls for Kenneth Day Weddings in San Diego



I know, I know, you hear it all the time from almost every wedding professional you talk to and even see it in all of their advertising for weddings.
So, how do I truly make it about you?
  First, and foremost, I want to hear from you and your fiance' as to what you have in mind and I'm going to
seek out even more detail than you may have thought would be of benefit.

Second, I will tell you the truth - about everything.

The First Truth - Your Wedding is Not Only About You.
It's a way for you to openly express your love and commitment to each other in a very public way and for the benefit and pleasure of those who are closest to you as well as your own enjoyment. If it were anything less - you should elope!

  Third, and finally, I will make every effort to ensure your wedding day is fun, memorable, and designed for your style and tastes. The plan we create together will be the plan that we stay as close to as possible.  

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