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Welcome and Thank You for your service to our Country!

Service Member Mondays", is a FREE service exclusively for Active Duty Military Service Members and is a philanthropic effort of Rev. Dr. Kenneth "Ken" Day, D.Div, D.Th.. It was inspired by the commitment and vision of Rev. Christopher Tuttle of Vows From The Heart Ministries LLC, as a sophisticated alternative to the “Courthouse” wedding. This service is for all Active Military members regardless of branch of service, time in the military, or rank. By volunteering one day a month to those Active Duty Military members wishing for a more romantic setting with a more personal celebration, rather than the County Clerks Office or a trip to Vegas. Dr. Day has stepped forward to serve those who serve. As a retired service member himself, he understands the nuances of military life.

No Scam, No gimmicks, No hidden fees or charges…

(A Gratuity is not expected, but always appreciated.)

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How This Service Works...

There are a few rules that must be adhered to:


Rev. Dr. Kenneth "Ken" Day, D.Th., D.Div.

Kenneth Day

Kenneth "Ken" Day
HM1 (FMF/DS) Ret.

HM1 FMF Ken Day


1. You must have a valid marriage license with you in order for the ceremony to occur. (This is a Link and information for obtaining a marriage license in San Diego)

2. An Appointment must be made in advance for one of the specific locations for this service, date, and time. Services are provided on specific Mondays, at specific locations, and specific times.

3. The number of people present for the ceremony is limited to a total of 10 people or less. For permitting and command authorization to perform these FREE Wedding Ceremony Services, this is not negotiable.

4. One (1) Witness is required by CA statutes and law. Two (2) are allowed on the license.

5. No Tables, Chairs, or Structures are allowed.


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Please Note: This is NOT a Full Scale Wedding! This is an elopement and serves as an alternative to the courthouse for a ceremony. There is a limit to the amount of people that may witness, by state law and no exceptions. There are no save the date cards, park permits, no invitations, giving away of the bride, there are no chairs, altar, flower petals, etc. This is an elopement. A courthouse celebration but, with a much prettier view and a real wedding officiant/minister.

  • Full-Time ACTIVE Military ONLY. ID Required. (Reserve, retired, etc. not eligible)

  • No Vow Renewal services.

  • Couple MUST have valid marriage license. (No License, No Ceremony!?~So Sorry!)

  • Booking request is no more than 12 weeks out.

  • FREE Elopement services are only offered at Specific On-Base locations.

  • FREE elopement services are ONLY offered on Mondays.


Is the elopement ceremony really free?
Yes, there is no charge on my part at all for the elopement ceremony or the filing of your marriage license on your behalf with the County Clerk following the elopement (if requested). Most military couples wish to file the license themselves to help speed up the process with the County Clerk.

Are there any costs?
Yes; the cost of the Marriage License (Public or Confidential) and the fee the County Clerk/Recorder imposes for a registered copy of your license once processed. These costs are paid directly to the County Clerk/Recorder.

Do you expect any payment, gratuity or gift?
There is no payment due for your elopement ceremony. As for a gratuity or gift, that’s up to you… it's not required but always appreciated.

We were already married in a quick civil ceremony, can we still have an elopement?
Sadly no. I do offer Vow Renewal services with a Military Discount through Kenneth Day Weddings. I understand that you wished this service was available when the two of you got married however, for me to turn away a couple because I have booked time with another couple who is already married, just would not be right!

Are we required to attend premarital marriage classes or counseling?
Not at all, this is an elopement!

Do we need a witness?
You will need at least one witness for a “public license” ceremony. No witness is needed for a “confidential license” ceremony.

Why are you offering this?
It’s just a way for me to say “Thank You” to those that serve our country, no matter the branch of service, rank or time in the military. You do have the choice; get married in a quick civil ceremony at the local courthouse by the Justice of the Peace or Clerk or join me seaside in a more romantic setting.

What type of ceremony will our elopement be?
In addition to being romantic with a beautiful view?, it’s your choice… I serve as a Wedding Minister; this allows me the opportunity to observe all faiths, beliefs and yes, even non-beliefs. Unlike the civil ceremony at the courthouse, you may request as much spirituality or observance of your faith as you wish!I shall make every effort to accomodate you, within reason.

How many people can join us?
We are limited to the amount of people that may be witnesses to your elopement by the regulations set forth by the State of California and/or those regulations imposed by individual cities in San Diego County regarding the “use of public land”, as well as the rules and regulation of the base commanders. Most areas are a total of 10 people including the Bride, Groom, Witness(es), and the Officiant/Minister.

Can we have chairs and an altar?
No, this is an elopement, this is not a way to get a free wedding ceremony; it’s an alternative for the two of you going to the courthouse. As long as you’re not taking advantage of me, I’m here to serve you!

What about acts of celebration like the Sand Ceremony?
Sure, just bring the items with you and I’ll include them in your elopement ceremony.

What about photography?
Your friends are more than welcome to take as many photos of the celebration as they wish.

What about signing a photo/video release?
By requesting Service Member Mondays elopement services; you are agreeing to the following in addition too any other release an individual photographer/videographer may ask for.

Any and all images may be used by the individual photographer, videographer and Kenneth Day Weddings for advertising and marketing purposes without any compensation. This also must be agreed to by any and all individuals taking part in the Service Member Mondays celebration. All images (professional high quality) will be given to Kenneth Day Weddings upon request direct from the photographer/videographer and/or couple. All images used for advertising or marketing purposes will be given photo credit.

Can we hire our own professional Photographer, Videographer, etc.?
You are more than welcome to do so as long as they don’t charge you for their services! This would defeat the entire philosophy of Service Member Mondays; to provide elopement services to active military members as an alternative to the courthouse ceremony. Let’s be honest with each other, if you can afford a professional wedding vendor, you should be able to hire all your wedding vendors. Keep in mind as well that it would be insulting to all of us that are donating our time, talent and resources to make this a special day knowing someone is getting paid. There are also some strict guidelines for professional photographers in regards to shooting a Service Member Mondays celebration. Please ask for these guidelines prior to securing their services.

Do I have to be stationed locally?
Not at all, if either of you are FULL TIME ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY and the two of you can be here on a Monday, and if I’m available, let’s make it happen!

Do I have to wear my uniform?
I would prefer it of course but, this is an elopement and you can wear whatever you wish. Besides, this is San Diego; shorts and flip-flops are considered proper attire on the beach!

Where do you offer these elopements?
These are a few of the On-Base Locations:

** Submarine Base Point Loma, The Gazebo, Quay Wall Lawn (near the fire station)

** ASW Base Point Loma, Boat Dock Lawn (not near the Admiral Kidd Club)

** NAS North Island, Historic Static Aircraft Display Circle, Navy Lodge Beach Area (Bldg 1400)

** Camp Pendleton, Del Mar Beach

** And, a few other On-Base locations when specifically requested.

Are there restrictions to the locations and times?
Yes, I offer this service on my availability and on a first come, first served basis. For example; if I have already scheduled a wedding at a specific location, then all other requests for services on that specific Monday, for that specific location, will not be booked or take place at times already chosen.

Are there any Mondays you don’t offer services?
Yes, ANY Holiday Monday!  Not that I don’t want to be part of the magic but, getting anywhere near the coast, beach or park in San Diego on a Holiday is next to impossible. There are a few Mondays that I will be out of town and unavailable as well.

What do you need from us?
The two of you, a valid California Marriage License, Military Identification showing current active Military status, and one witness! Plus, I also ask for the following….

+ Be courteous. If you change your mind; (which does happen from time to time), call me or text me and tell me so I’m not sitting at the location waiting for you.

+ Be on time if not early! (military montra); If you’re running late, you may have to wait for the next opportunity that day or reschedule for another time. On busy days, there is no room for tardiness.

+ Be understanding; If I become ill or traffic issues arise. We may need to reschedule or, you may have to continue with your original plans with a ceremony with the County Clerk on Monday.

Are you available last minute?
If I’m available, of course! Just give me 1 day to get everything together and I’m there for you!

How do we make it happen?
Complete the FREE Military Mondays Ceremony Request Form and I will send you back an email or text with what is available.

It’s really that easy!

** FREE Military Mondays Ceremony Request Form **

** FREE Military Mondays Ceremony Request Form **

** FREE Military Mondays Ceremony Request Form **


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Marriage license information can be obtained with the website links below.

A PUBLIC Marriage License can be obtained in ANY County in the State of California and brought to San Diego.

A CONFIDENTIAL Marriage License MUST BE obtained in San Diego County!


San Diego County

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

Orange County

Los Angeles County

Ventura County

(Couples must have a Marriage License in their possession.)

Find out what time the SUNSET is on your Wedding Day.  



Contact Me Today to Book One of the Wedding Locations, Date, and Time.

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